The city of Ghent has decided to stop the Trapido bicycle sharing project at the Ghent P&R locations from September 1, 2019. If you have a question or want more information, please contact us using the contact form below.

The smartbikes team wishes the thousands of users, among whom many nice regular users, many beautiful cycling moments.

The smartbikes service is of course continuing for our bicycle sharing at other locations.

TIP ! Do you want to rent / share a smart bike (incl. Smart lock accessible via the smartbikes app) in Ghent or one of the suburbs for personal or professional use with friends, family, colleagues?
Smartbikes has a new offer for this. If you want more information, contact us via the contact form below.




Prepaid or domiciliëring Postpaid via Credit card
0 – 5 min 0 € 0 €
5 min – 4 hour 1 € 2 €
4 hour – 12 hour 2 € 4 €
12 hour – 24 hour 4 € 8 €
24 hour – 48 hour 12 € 24 €
48 hour – 72 hour 36 € 72 €
> 72 hour 100 € 150 €


Can I borrow several bikes at the same time?

This is not possible, friends can quickly register via the app and borrow a bike directly.

I want to return the bike to another location. Is that possible?

This is not possible, you always have to return the bike to the original location.

Can I borrow a bike quickly?

Yes, the bike sharing system is very user friendly. If you have a smartphone, install the smartbikes app on your smartphone. You can now easily register via the app, select your payment method and rent a bike.

I want to rent a smartbike for the first time. What should I do?

Welkome, if you have a smartphone, install the smartbikes app on your smartphone. You can register via the app, select your payment method and rent a bike.
If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register via the website and apply for a smartcard.

I’m not yet 18 years old. Can I borrow a bike?

You can borrow a bike from the age of 16; if you are between 16 and 18, the loan will be made under the responsibility of the parents or legal representatives.

I don’t have a smartphone, can I borrow a bike?

Borrowing via the app is the most useful. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can borrow bikes by using a smartcard.
What should you do beforehand:
1. Register online via the website, you can also request the smartcard immediately.
2. After registration you have to activate your direct debit via the app (you can also install it on a tablet), this can be done by clicking on the menu in the app and then selecting “payment method” and activating the sepa.
As soon as this is done, your smartcard will be sent.

How does that electronic frame lock work?

An electric bicycle lock is installed on the rear wheel, an activation button is located on the left side of the lock if you are behind the bike.
Users with a smartcard hold this card against the activation button after which it will flash and the lock will open.
Users borrowing via the app follow the instructions in the app or the information board at the bicycle parking facilities.

I have ordered a smartcard. When will I receive it?

We try to send your smartcard by post within 48 hours after the domicile/sepa has been activated.

I lost my smartcard. What now?

Please contact us so we can block your current smartcard. You can then request a new smartcard via the contact form.
For your information: if the smartcard is lost, the deposit (10 euros) will be retained. You pay a 10 euro deposit for a new smartcard.

I want to return my smartcard. Is that possible?

That’s possible. Send your smartcard to the following address:
Smartbikes – Bijlokestraat 21a – 9070 Destelbergen.
As soon as we have received your smartcard, your deposit will be refunded within 15 working days.

Is there an app available for windows smartphones?

Currently the app is available for iOS en android. It is possible that an app for windows smartphones will also be provided in the future.

Can I borrow a bike immediately?

Yes, via the app you can register and than rent a bike.

Can I lend a bike to a friend?

Lending and subrenting are forbidden. See our general conditions.
Please note, if you do this, you will remain responsible for the bike!

Where can I find the rental rates?

You can find the prices on the website or on the smartbikes app.

How long can I borrow a bike?

The smartbike sharing system is provided for short term use, you can borrow the bike for a maximum of 72 hours.

Where can I find the general conditions?

You can find the general conditions on the website or in the app.

How can I pay?

You have 3 choises: either you pay via direct debit (request via the app or after registration on the website), or you pay via a prepaid account (activate via the app). Finally, you can also pay with your credit card (note: a higher rental rate applies here).
Note: Users who do not borrow via the app can only borrow via the smart card and can only pay via direct debit.

I am now paying prepaid but would like to pay by direct debit, is this possible?

This is possible, open the app and click on menu in the top left corner, then click on payment method. On this app page you can change your payment method.

At which locations can I borrow a smartbike?

You can find all locations on our website or on the app (see map on the start screen).

Do I have to reserve a smartbike?

No, that’s not possible. You can use the app to check in advance how many bikes are still available at a specific location.

The app indicates that I cannot borrow the chosen bike, why?

If a technical defect is found on a smartbike, this bike is blocked and cannot be borrowed.

I have started my bike ride and notice a technical defect on the bike?

No problem, during the first 5 minutes of borrowing you can return the bike free of charge, provided that you borrow another bike.

I have a bike breakdown, what now?

You can bring the bike back to the original bike shed and borrow another bike. If you really can’t continue with the bike, you can leave the bike locked. However, you must first contact het smartbikes helpdesk on number 0032 (0)93 778 770.

My lock no longer works, who can help me?

You can contact the smartbikes helpdesk.

My account has been blocked, why?

The reason may be a negative prepaid balance, a direct debit order that is still open,…
It is best to contact the smartbikes helpdesk.

The bike I borrowed was just stolen!

First of all, contact the smartbikes helpdesk to report the theft. Then you must also report the theft to the police within 24 hours. E-mail proof of declaration or send it to smartbikes within 5 days.

Can I get an annual subscription?

This is currently not possible.

I want to change my address, how do I do this?

You can do this quickly and easily via the app. Click top left on menue and then click on “my account”. You can change your details here. This is also possible via the website.

I am involved in an accident, what should I do?

If there are injuries, contact the local police so that a determination can be made. If you are no longer able to cycle or if there is a defect on your bike, please contact the smartbikes helpdesk.

What responsibilities do I have when borrowing a smartbike?

Your responsibilities/obligations have been includes in the general terms and conditions.

I want to report a problem.

That is possible, via the app or via the website.
Via the app: MENU / probleem melden